Good Luck to You Elsie

Elsie said one Saturday
“10 days until I do it
gonna get a new hip!

Her smile is just as brilliant
Her friendliness shines through
And I for one am happy
She is getting her hip new

For she deserves the best
Yes indeed she does
She puts up with all the b.s.
And she does it just because

Just because she is Elsie
Elsie of the smiling face
This is who she is
Elsie, gracious Elsie
Who greets us at her place

She know all of the people
Reads them like a book
Gives a squeeze when it is needed
Sometimes a knowing look

Now Elsie is headed
For some relief we hear
And everyone of us who pesters her
Gives a most resounding cheer

Good luck to you Elsie
We’ll miss you while away
And we will be glad to see you
When you come back that day



It’s Mickey this
And Mickey that
Good Mickey Mouse
Is where it’s at

And Mickey’s best buddy
Celebrate here birthday now
We all love our Patty
Everyway – which and how

It’s no Mickey Mouse
When I say,” Luv ya Hon.”
Enjoy your birthday
You lucky son of a gun

Good Grief, Charles Schultz is Gone

Good Grief
Charles Schultz is gone
When I read about his going
I stayed awake until the dawn

Charles Shultz and his friends
Kept me on track for years
Woodstock, Lucy, Charley Brown, Linus to and Pig Pen
Could keep me from shedding tears

Their attitude and philosophy
Made sense every day
I’d look for their stuff first
To see what they had to say

There was never one headline
That meant as much to me
As the antics of these losers
Who, despite it all, were always filled with glee

Already I have missed them
Feels like a year of so, it does
Farewell goodbye adieu
To the very best there was.

Just in case

Just in case
The fish don’t bite
This present Joanne
Will still be all right

For your birthday
This remembrance we found
We hope you’ll enjoy it
As you fishing all around

Perhaps you can use it
As bait when you fish
We hope so Joanne
This is our wish

Happy Birthday
Every day this year
If we were younger
We’d stand up and cheer

Yes I had read nearly all of the books

Yes I had read nearly all of the books
In the library in my school
And all of the books that came along
In the good old bookmobile

So I adventured out
To the city nearest me
And searched until I found
The wonderful public library

I read about the stars
And the animals in Spain
I learned about the clouds
And how God made the rain

I’ll never forget
The special feeling that I get
Whenever I am near or in a library
That calmness and excitement
Lingers yet

Jack Lemmon is dead

Jack Lemmon is dead
That makes me blue
Jack Lemmon was fun
And dramatic too

His face- facile
His voice sublime
Even when it rasped
From time to time

I remember “The apartment.”
I remember it well
The story made me nervous
Just nervous as hell

For Jack was the good guy
Who was being given a ride
I woulda done anything
To be by his side

And when Jack acted with
His good buddy Matthau
Then the audience was in heaven
I was, I know, and so were you

Jack Lemmon is dead
And that makes me sad
His antics and acting
Were never bad

Happy Birthday to you, once again

Happy Birthday to you, once again
I know I have missed it where have I been?
You must have had a wonderful day
Hope you celebrated in every way

I have no gift- what would you like?
Probably have to do without it please don’t go out on strike
It just seems so hard to know what to do
So this little rhyme I made for you

The weather is dreary- but the birds sing on
The sun peeks out and soon is gone
I’ve no idea where spring may be
For soon it is summer for thee and me

I wish you well through all the year
I wish you good weather and lots of cheer
And even if sometimes you are sad
Just smile as you do- then it’s not to bad

We are looking forward to seeing your garden
Know it will be wonderful in the bargain
Don’t know where, font know when
But we’ll get there now of then