“What I Think I’d Like To Do”

This is the poem that I read to open her eulogy at her memorial service in August of 2002.  I’m not sure of the exact date of the writing, but from the content, I think that she wrote it after a day of having to wait in doctor’s offices.

All I can say right now is that there will be much more to come . . .


What I think I’d like to do

What I think I’d like to do
If I had the time and could
Is squander a bunch of hours
Doing everything except what I should

Contrary is a likeable word
As long as the contrary one is you
Forget it when it is someone else
It’s not something they should do

But if I can be contrary
And squander a bit of time
I’m sure I’ll be a nicer soul
Even if I am past my prime

Today was a day
I yearn to forget
Today was a day
That nearly made me fret

No matter where
I happened to be
I had to wait and wait
For an hour our three

The time dragged by
As my nerves hit the edge
My mind was a shambles
I was ready to “veg’

It is hard to explain
Just how happy I am
When day turned to dusk
But it was just because

No more matters to settle
No more places to be
I could just settle down
And at last, be me.



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