Hide and Seek “HMO”

Went to see my doctor

Not one soul was there

Called doc on the phone

Sounding a little in despair


“Where are you Doctor?”

His reply was quite succinct

“Just around the corner

I had to move rather quick”


Then what should occur

Another week and a day

My friend went to see her doctor

He too had moved away


So it was down the street, around the bend

To the doctors offices we go

Will they be there, who can say

It’s the hide and seek ‘HMO”



A child in a restaurant

A child in a restaurant is a phenomenon
As long as it is not your own
A child in a restaurant is a phenomenon
If you can study it on your own

They seem amazed by nearly everything
And what they hate- you know
They eat everything their mother wants
And throw the rest upon the floor

Yet they smile at you so prettily
And win your heart, you see
As long as they dine with you
As long as I dine with me

April fool’s storm

“Laura’s theme” no more will haunt me
Nor will zhivago seem so dear
After our April fool’s storm
I want to make this clear

Homes and cars iced like wedding cake
Mush and slush and snow and ice
Putting all our lives and dreams
At stake

Nothing looked so lovely
Nor sounded so sweet to these old ears
As the chorus of that line of nimo trucks
Their motors throbbin’ make me cheer

How Does One Deal With Shoulder Pads?

How does one deal
With shoulder pads?
They are quite independent
They make me so mad
I wriggle about
And shove them in place
Only to find myself
Firecracker red in the face
When I greet a friend
Who gives me a squeeze
I’ve found my shoulder pads
Clear down to my knees
And there have been times
They fall to my chest
And on other days
On my back they rest
How can one cope
With fashionable shoulder pads?
I’ve learned to throw them out
Toss them away I am glad

Just In Case

Just in case
The fish don’t bite
This present Joanne
Will still be all right

For your birthday
This remembrance we found
We hope you’ll enjoy it
As you fishing all around

Perhaps you can use it
As bait when you fish
We hope so Joanne
This is our wish

Happy Birthday
Every day this year
If we were younger
We’d stand up and cheer

I Am Tardy Once Again

I am tardy once again
Do not become annoyed
Sending out your birthday gift
It is something I just can’t avoid

It is because I had to shop
To find a perfect toy
Now it is all packed up
And I hope you will enjoy

Enjoy using this splendiferous whatchamacallit
This is magnificent super marvel
Do not try to thank me
Do not bend and please don’t grovel

If it seems sorta broken in
Thank your lucky stars ‘tis so
I had to ascertain its goodness
Before to you it could

Yes, it seems perfectly perfecto
Right on the button on the nose
Only once it got tangled around my slender sexy toes

But it is lovely now
A wonder to amaze
It’s ok to open it today
And upon this thing gaze

See did I lie?
Did I stretch the truth a bit?
No I think not
I am sure it is a hit