Why Do People Congregate in Herds

Often I have asked
And seldom have I heard
Just why oh why I mean
Do people congregate in herds?

Is it for friendship sake?
Is it protection that they seek?
Does anyone know for sure?
If they do will they speak?

Many times I have been
Alone here and there
Yet I’ve ne‘er felt lonely
Nor been troubled by despair

Other times I tell you
This is such a mystery here
I am so glad to see people
I could just stand up and cheer

Perhaps people get together that is about the only thing to do
If there are more than one of you
Maybe just one of far to few

Is it any wonder
That we get perplexed every day
There are people in and out
Simply getting in our way

And if they aren’t there
We fret around we do
Asking of ourselves and each other
Please introduce me to a few

Ah, the human spirit
Thrives on this very thing
Even in this heat it thrives
But is much harder now to sing


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