Lesson 7

Lesson 7- what a hard time I’ve had
There are stories and articles- some good-many bad
My house is a wreck
My psyche and my frame
But I’ll not give up on this writing game

Hold it right there, lady
I know what you’ll say
“This is no game hear me today
If you are serious
Then get on your way.”

And I tried oh my and so hard
And I’ve had a ball, still no threat to the bard
I will send along each one, to magazine or two
But the one I like best I am sending to you

It hits where I live
And maybe you live there as well
So off in the mail
While I learn how to spell

The query letter is the hardest thing I know
What do you say to someone you don’t know?
But I did what I did and it is here too
Now I sit back and relax- waiting to hear from you

Happy new year
I know this is late
But let’s cross our fingers
That 2000 is terrifically great.


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