I Am Tardy Once Again

I am tardy once again
Do not become annoyed
Sending out your birthday gift
It is something I just can’t avoid

It is because I had to shop
To find a perfect toy
Now it is all packed up
And I hope you will enjoy

Enjoy using this splendiferous whatchamacallit
This is magnificent super marvel
Do not try to thank me
Do not bed and please don’t grovel

If it seems sorta broken in
Thank your lucky stars ‘tis so
I had to ascertain its goodness
Before to you it could

Yes, it seems perfectly perfecto
Right on the button on the nose
Only once it got tangled around my slender sexy toes

But it is lovely now
A wonder to amaze
It’s ok to open it today
And upon this thing gaze

See did I lie?
Did I stretch the truth a bit?
No I think not
I am sure it is a hit


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