I heard a story on PRI

I heard a story on PRI
It made me laugh and it made me cry
They told a story and did interview
Of some fine old folks who’ve paid their dues

These senior citizens, strong and good
Live not in Florida where they’re misunderstood
They got bored to death with sun and sun
So they went to the malls and have some fun

There’s nothing they need, no money, no space
Yet they remain a vital, part of this human race
What to do when all days are the same
These wily seniors have a new game.

Not one is malicious, not a mean bone lives
But all of their lives, they did nothing but G I V E
And now they’re trying to take but back
Just to see if they can, if they have the knack

Their kids are gone, they’re forgotten, alone
Their boredom hurts them down to the bone
So they shoplift and they shoplift there
Committing a crime of deepest despair

A very smart Judge, down there in the south
Heard their stories, gave them no mouth
Instead the sentences he imposes are wise
Rather than shoplifters he makes volunteers of these guys

They are now happy, with plenty to do
There’s always work, they’re no longer blue
The community gets so expert aid
Shoplifting stops and their fines are paid


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