Gibbon, Minnesota

Gibbon, Minnesota
The name strikes fear in my mind
Gibbon, Minnesota
If you’re unaware like me. You too are far behind

For Gibbon, Minnesota
Is the Polka capital, did you know?
I didn’t know we needed one
Is it a place you’d wish to go?

They boast of 10,000 square feet
Of pristine hardwood floor
It works out to be about 14’ per person
If you know the population score

Every polka I’ve ever heard
Sound just like the one before
And usually when I hear one
I scurry for the door

For I am not a polka dancer
Cannot do the “um pa pa”
I leave that to those you can
Which includes Pa and Ma

Yet, I have to give them credit
They dance the whole night through
And get up at dawn the very next day
For there are chores to do


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