He smoked a reefer

He smoked a reefer
But did not inhale
Some others do crimes
But never see jail

Still other bathe
But they wash not
Yet forget what they bought

Some go to school
But never learn
There are people who work
But never earn

There are those who pious
But they do not believe
And many cry
But few truly grieve

And some people write
And never stop
Thank God, there are
No “writing” cops


Come on liberty, Come one home

I am totally miffed
I feel I’ve been stiffed
Why take lady’s liberty away?
She’s our very own symbol you know

But someone in charge
Made a mistake__ L A R G E
And now we are just like the rest
She’s our very own symbol, you know

The mountains are pretty, in fact they’re first rate
Bring liberty back, did you hear me Jack?
She’s our very own symbol, you know

Whoever did the deed
What was their need?
Did they ask me or you
How we felt about the jolt
Are you ready to bolt
To where people respect liberty?

How did we lose her?
Who is the durned cur?
Now I’m sad and ready to cry
She’s our very own symbol, you know

“come on liberty, come one home”
I want you back on my plate
Kick the rest out the gate
That is their fate
For you are our very own symbol, you know

A Dalai Llama Took a hike

A Dalai Llama
Took a hike
Over the mountains
Without a bike

I wonder if when he got where he was going
Was the sun shining?
Or was it snowing?

Did the Dalai Llama
Upon reaching the other side
Lift his gown
Adjust his stride?

Softly you could hear Tibetan voices exclaim
“Holy cow! This is so jolly
They all gathered around him shouting
“Hello Dalai”

Pour good ole boys

Pour good ole boys
Met up out in New hampshire
Licked their lips, drew the line
Did a territorial dance, sir

All I remember
When those boys began to boast
Is that they regressed to much
Their values left for the coast

There they were on radio, probably TV as well
The other replied ,”no, it isn’t”
Things weren’t going very well.

So I shut them off
Been there- done that before
It’s a good thing I’m not their judge
For no one would have a score

The Terrorist Tango

The terrorist tango
Left America exhausted
Messed up many a plan
Why some streets were deserted
The atmosphere stilled
Like ostriches with our heads in the sand
But, later, I guess
After I was asleep
Some party’s went right on ahead
And greeted the new year with verve and much nerve
While I dreamed away in my bed
I was told that times square
Had no room to spare
The same held true world wide
Where celebrations were planned
Cautions were canned
2000 blew in as ’99 died

I am taking lightly

I am taking lightly
the threats of the new year
the y2k klatches
the terrorists we might fear

but what I think
I have now come to believe
#1-the y2k deal?
Will give us nothing about which to grieve

And as for #2-The terrorists
Well-big parties they have trashed
But the good thing about that
Is small parties cost less cash

So we’ll enjoy our homes
Our families and such
We’ll thumb our noises at y2k
Put the terrorists in a clutch

Our sacred duty
On this wild newest at y2k
Put the terrorists in a clutch

Now that is a dilemma
With ramifications so darn dreary
For I am far too teary

The dust has settled

The dust has settled
The furor is done
Some have lost
Some have won

But what I wish
Someone could recall
Is how many stayed home
Didn’t vote at all?

I’d really appreciate
Knowing the totally voter count
As well as the # registered
Within Hudson and out

It seems to me
The worst thing to waste
Is one’s very own franchises
At the voting place