I’d rather be a horse

Have you ever had a day
When everything went wrong
One that got so very bad
You gave up and just went along?

A day when the coffee had no coffee
Just hot water pouring out
Where was the coffee?
Right then you had some doubts

Did your printer at the office
Refuse to print at all
Did the paper sorta lump up
Did it make you wanna bawl?

Was the mailman extremely late
Was the mail heavy as well?
What’s a person supposed to do
Throw up your hands and find a friend to tell?

Did the calls to your place
All sound like freaky in your ear
When it was time to go on home
Did you just wanna cheer?

I know you’ve had these kind of days
Everybody does, of course
They are so very tiring
I’d rather be a horse

But, then something happens
Puts a smile upon your face
Your heart feel less weighted down
Once again, things are in place.


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