Family seems to mean more now
Suddenly it is true
That to hug your family over again
Is the exact right thing to do

Why does it always take something bad
To make us all do what’s good
America is pulling together now
Just like we always knew she would

This is the best country anywhere at all
Despite the troubles we may see
But I wouldn’t trade all of those problems
And more anywhere else – not me.


Ho Hum

Ho Hum
Ho Hum once more
Counting votes continues
But I just don’t care any more

Whoever wins
Who really gives it a thought
We thought at the voting place
Now look at what we’ve got

Ho Hum
Ho Hum once more
Bush and Gore go at it
When will we no the score.


No smoke on the mountain
On Christmas day
Smoke in my cellar
Ugly and grey

Called 911
“Help”, I did cry
“There is smoke in my cellar”
“All over inside”

“Leave the house lady
get out now”
“I’m going, I’m going!
Holy cow”

Faster than a flash
Greenport rescue was here
I greeted them warmly
With a thanks and a cheer

And they discovered
No danger was lurking
It was just my hot water heater
Was not quite working

So, I called Mr. Kline
Over at Merle oil
He hurried on over
Before it could boil

Greenport rescue
And Mr. Kline too
Are the very best there is
I mean that true

“No more birthdays”

“No more birthdays”
Is what you said
WAIT! Hold on
You’re not dead

So here it is
One more time
Here is your birthday
Have a good time

And if you are feeling
A little bit short
This present can help
As a last resort

It will stretch or shrink
As your needs arise
I hope you like
This birthday surprise

Arrogance loses

Arrogance loses
New Hampshire showed us
Bush’s in the brush
Mccain wins – No fuss

So, now on they go
Gore’ll be there too
But here in New York
Canidates will be few

Archaic laws threaten
Arrogance back once more
Once Nation – one primary law
Sure would even the score

New York state will be skewed
Seems it will have no relevance
Since not all who’re running
Will even have a chance

How did it, it ask you
Get so truly silly
New Yorkers might as well
Just go play “Daffy Down Dilly”

Insurance companies are quite perverse

Insurance companies
Are quite perverse
You’ll see no policy
In lilting verse

What could be so hard
I ask them this
Their every instruction
Starts out with K.I.S.S.

“You must pay the premium
(how true, how true)
“Before we will even
“Talk to you”

You may have coverage
For wind and fire
Unless, of course, the damage
Is just too dire

Notice this phrase
It clearly states
We just don’t care

The important part
Of any protection
Is that you pay the premium
Before sent to collection

Oh, sure, call us
Our machine is on
It’s time to play golf
That is why we are gone

If we decide
On some rare day
To return to the office
Be sure and come down to pay
August 98

Halloween is coming

Halloween is coming
It’s nearly in sight
Just what will I be on Halloween night?

If I get a costume
For this Halloween
Why, I think I’d choose glamorous
Or perhaps, I’ll be a bean

It’s so hard to determine
Just what costume is the best
I considered a cowgirl
In a heavenly leather vest

I don’t want to be a witch
Been there and done that
I refuse to be a goblin
And I’m not built to be a cat

My options are narrowing
My choices becoming less
On October 31, 1999,
Just how will I dress?

Perhaps, I’ll do
What I’ve done before
Stay home in the dark
Watch T.V – lock the door

Then I can be
What I treasuer most
Just plain ole me
Not a devil or a ghost