Hudson comes full circle

Hudson comes full circle
States a head line in the news
Does this mean that it came back
To whaling gambling Prostitution and the blues?
The article that followed
It really, really fine
I hope Fenoff makes it a book
Telling all about old times


I watched no football

I watched no football
Though avoiding it was hard
Instead I took a favorite book
And visited with the bard

I re-read that “ Othello”
Admired I ago one more time
Agonized with Lady Macbeth
As she plotted out her crime

The witches drove me crazy
Their chants and bubbling stew
But I survived even that
Before the day was through

I laughed rather loudly
With the Gentleman of Verona
Enjoyed the subterfuge
Then I put on my kimono

It gets a little fuzzy
All the plays that I read
What is clear as day to me
Is a question- why’s the bard now dead?

Who ever will replace him
There are no words as fine as his
And no Anthony revels Burton
There’s no Cleopatra quite like Liz

Oh my golly goodness sakes
What’s a girl to do?
I think I’ll just have to return
To read at least one more or two

Kelsi has a flute

Kelsi has a flute
She’s learning to play it now
She is having a recall
When it’s done she’ll take a bow

The time that she is playing
In duet with her teacher
Is “Mary had a little lamb”
That is the special feature

I wish I could be there
To applaud all night and day
To hear my sweet, sweet Kelsi
Plute tunes upon her flute play

But here I am, oh no
A whole wide world away
So I’ll stretch my ears like dumbo’s
And point them out her way

On December 4 recital day
I will silent as a stone become
I will speak not one word
In fact, ill not even hum

Then maybe, just maybe
If I am good as gold and all
The melody will float out here
And echo in my hall

It will have to cross mountains
And plains and forests tall
But we are not so very far away
From Colorado after all
So it won’t get lost in woods
We’ll hope no bears eat it up
The music will come drifting by
And I’ll catch it in my cup

My Vicki

My Vicki

It was on 14 July in 1960
When my darling Vicki Rae was born
I’m sorry to not recall the time
But it was either noon or night or morn

Before that fateful day
Vicki had taken a trip
Way out to Colorado with her sister and me, her mom
Being so very careful not to trip

Grandpa George had passed away
In that eventful year
And we were there with Grandma George
With our eyes quiet filled with tears

Upon arriving back in New york
To stay
Grandma Magisano arrived—she was a great help
She’d come to save the day

And Dad Tony took us all
For pizza well deserved
We went to the old Elm Tree Inn
Where we were nicely served

We were a happy table
Though I was humungous as a bear
Suddenly I felt some moisture
Dampening my chair

Chris came to the rescue
She took my hand
Helped me to the restroom
But I could barely stand

“Please go get your grandma
Tell Dad to start the car”
I was gasping the quite dramatically
Thank god the hospital was not far

Before we could leave
Since Grandma was not done
We had them pack the pizza
Before making our delivery run

Still on time we made it
I did not deliver on the way
And our precious Vicki Rae was born
On that wonderful July Day!
July 1999

Poem for Chrissie

On the day
When you were born
On that bright
And early morn
Your mom felt fine
But as the day wore on
The good feeling was gone
And she was grimacing
Quite a lot by nine
Dad Tony was alerted
The bag was packed
Then mom and dad, panic averted
They rushed to the hospital and Dad rushed right back
He had no time
There was a nursery to build
So he got busy and mom did too
And with loud noises, the hospital was filled
Everyone told mom
To rush and relax – relax and push
She listened when she could
To the cheerful helpful nurse
Mom thought to herself
It could get lots better
But, good heavens it seemed to get worse
That September morn was crisp and bright
But your parents both sweated a bunch
For your dad was no carpenter
Your mom but a girl
And here it was already
Time for lunch
Now for dad, that was easy, he fixed it himself
Then cleaned up the mess he made
Shaved his face neat
Gonna go see his family
Then sit out in the shade
But what to his wondering eyes should spear
But a very tired wife you needed some cheer
As she pushed and relaxed and relaxed and pushed
Till dad finally had to go out for a beer…
Ere the night grew cold
Low and behold
A baby girl appeared on the scene
To them you were better than
Sweet berries and cream
You were little
Not one bit whiney
Had a mass of black hair
And a ribbon that was tiny
Your fingers and toes were small
Hardly any nails at all
Your grandpa and grandma George just
Were delighted
As they gazed upon you from the hall
Dad really had to scramble
To finish fixing up your place
The miniscule nursery was humble
But with a flourish it was done
Dad put a smile back on his face
Then home we hurried
Scurried and got there quick
To enjoy the blessings
And the sunny autumn weather
Hoping never to get sick
Through trial and error we learned
You, your dad and I
How to manage as a family
We only had to try
Our home was so small
We ate where we cooked
It was hard to find a little room
To open up a little book
Dad was in college we played a lot of silly games
And usually you were good
So that is about what I remember
Of the day when you were born
Moms are so busy on that day
Sometimes our minds are torn
To want to remember just exactly everything
Or to remember not the pain
That birthing just naturally good stuff
Chuck out all the rest
And gladly hold our babies
Near and dear to our breast
Mom 1998

All I did was provoke

I’ve often wondered
I’ve thought and planned
On how to succeed
How to take my stand

There have been times
I’ve been glad I spoke
While some other times
All I did was provoke

But even that
Can be helpful, to me
For when others think
I know they hear me

Have you ever
Thought and planned?
On how to succeed
And take your stand?

If you have not
Then do it today
Otherwise it will be others
Who have their way