My Vicki

My Vicki

It was on 14 July in 1960
When my darling Vicki Rae was born
I’m sorry to not recall the time
But it was either noon or night or morn

Before that fateful day
Vicki had taken a trip
Way out to Colorado with her sister and me, her mom
Being so very careful not to trip

Grandpa George had passed away
In that eventful year
And we were there with Grandma George
With our eyes quiet filled with tears

Upon arriving back in New york
To stay
Grandma Magisano arrived—she was a great help
She’d come to save the day

And Dad Tony took us all
For pizza well deserved
We went to the old Elm Tree Inn
Where we were nicely served

We were a happy table
Though I was humungous as a bear
Suddenly I felt some moisture
Dampening my chair

Chris came to the rescue
She took my hand
Helped me to the restroom
But I could barely stand

“Please go get your grandma
Tell Dad to start the car”
I was gasping the quite dramatically
Thank god the hospital was not far

Before we could leave
Since Grandma was not done
We had them pack the pizza
Before making our delivery run

Still on time we made it
I did not deliver on the way
And our precious Vicki Rae was born
On that wonderful July Day!
July 1999


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