Kelsi has a flute

Kelsi has a flute
She’s learning to play it now
She is having a recall
When it’s done she’ll take a bow

The time that she is playing
In duet with her teacher
Is “Mary had a little lamb”
That is the special feature

I wish I could be there
To applaud all night and day
To hear my sweet, sweet Kelsi
Plute tunes upon her flute play

But here I am, oh no
A whole wide world away
So I’ll stretch my ears like dumbo’s
And point them out her way

On December 4 recital day
I will silent as a stone become
I will speak not one word
In fact, ill not even hum

Then maybe, just maybe
If I am good as gold and all
The melody will float out here
And echo in my hall

It will have to cross mountains
And plains and forests tall
But we are not so very far away
From Colorado after all
So it won’t get lost in woods
We’ll hope no bears eat it up
The music will come drifting by
And I’ll catch it in my cup


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