I watched no football

I watched no football
Though avoiding it was hard
Instead I took a favorite book
And visited with the bard

I re-read that “ Othello”
Admired I ago one more time
Agonized with Lady Macbeth
As she plotted out her crime

The witches drove me crazy
Their chants and bubbling stew
But I survived even that
Before the day was through

I laughed rather loudly
With the Gentleman of Verona
Enjoyed the subterfuge
Then I put on my kimono

It gets a little fuzzy
All the plays that I read
What is clear as day to me
Is a question- why’s the bard now dead?

Who ever will replace him
There are no words as fine as his
And no Anthony revels Burton
There’s no Cleopatra quite like Liz

Oh my golly goodness sakes
What’s a girl to do?
I think I’ll just have to return
To read at least one more or two


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