They are mighty, mighty

They are mighty, mighty
Both the Titans and the Tams
Taking and delivering
Massive body slams

But one appeared short changed
“Too short on one end” My mamma would say
but his arms were just too short
To save super ball day


The tornado missed us

Last night it was quite late
Livingston Parkway become a neon lit ballroom
Lightning tangoed all over the street
It’s silver brilliance flooding my room

Then shortly after or a wee bit more
Rumbled by the Rumba dancers
They rollicked and thundered down my street
Like the Budweiser horses those snow- white prancers

The windows shook
Furniture shifted
But one more time
Greenport was gifted

The tornado missed us
Though the rains pelted fast
Then in the early morning light
The storm had passed

This is the season

This is the season
When sports go nuts
There’s baseball and soccer
And they take guts

The kids are running
They are flying around
Some of them are sliding
In the dirt on the ground

Ain’t it sweet
Ain’t it divine
That so many adults
Help them hold the line

So here’s to the able
The volunteers who assist
I salute all fo you
Some moms & dads owe you a kiss

My daughter was here

My daughter was here
For a short little while
And when she was here
She brought me some smiles

Now she’s gone
Back to Houston for now
Where instead of snow
She’s got rain somehow

So both of us suffer
From apartness and clime
But still we are happy
Since we had out time