The tornado missed us

Last night it was quite late
Livingston Parkway become a neon lit ballroom
Lightning tangoed all over the street
It’s silver brilliance flooding my room

Then shortly after or a wee bit more
Rumbled by the Rumba dancers
They rollicked and thundered down my street
Like the Budweiser horses those snow- white prancers

The windows shook
Furniture shifted
But one more time
Greenport was gifted

The tornado missed us
Though the rains pelted fast
Then in the early morning light
The storm had passed


3 thoughts on “The tornado missed us

  1. John M. says:

    Thanks, Starsandsky87! How did you find our obscure little blog?

  2. I was searching about through the tag surfer, plus I am very interested in weather, tornadoes and poetry.

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