the little groundhog

They say the little groundhog
His shadow he did not see
This historic event
Surely pleasured me

Now, I will not hold my breath
For six more weeks to test
Our little friend, the groundhog
For I’ m sure he did his best.


Your inaction makes me numb

An important number to call
Save some lives, ease some pain
Please call don’t be slow

Get our governor off his duff
Ask him to release the million dollars
He’s just sitting on it, If you please
And so we need some callers

The legislature approved and passed
The expenditure of this sum
For lesbian and gay health and human services
Come on gov! Your inaction makes me numb

Who Needs You?

If the officials
Have nothing better to do
Than attack the good guys
Then- who needs you?

It is a fact
I believe it is so
Mussman and Bruce
Are helping us grow

With activities for kids
Entertainment for the adults
Community action
Only met with insult?

I’m sorry, official
You are quite out of line
Mussman and Bruce
Are helping Hudson to shine