One Day While Dining

One day while dining
I was told I was maligning
Someone in my very own way
A nearby diner
Turned into a whiner
And fled to the bar – I must say!

I inquired of his companion
“What is wrong with that man?”
She shook her head, slowly at me
She went back to her dinner
Minus her winner
And we enjoyed our lunch—us three

Has freedom of speech
Become old hat?
Has someone outlawed what we say?
An opinion thought should be an opinion heard
Anyone can dispute anything I say

It’s ok Jack
You can come on back
Your lady is dining alone
Her smile is quite nice
Her meal? Fish and rice?
If you don’t hurry we’ll get her a clone


Oh How I Longed To An “Amazon have been”

I eat out a lot
Most every night
Then one time last week
I got such a fright

Two amazon women
Appeared in view
Not one I tell you
There were actually two

Amazon women
With Amazon hair
It was frankly difficult
Not to stare

Big Amazon women
One dark, one light
Dining right there
On that eerie night

I ate up fast
Finished quick
Those Amazon women
Looked just to slick

I felt cheated
I was too short
I felt belittled
I must report

My stature is small
My hair is quite thin
Oh how I longed
To an “Amazon have been”

Lordy Lordy Lizzie Jane

Lordy Lordy
Lizzie Jane
I saw a building
It gave me pain

My eyes were assaulted
I had to blink
The yell of it blinded me
I could not think

But when the pain had ebbed away
I recalled the furor of another day
When around the corner and up the street
Another building owner had to retreat

For when they painted
Their shop too bright
Ugly protests arose
Just right over night

Are there rules for Warren Street?
That are much more lax
Than rules for Seventh Street
Please, give me the facts.

Our town has reborn glow

Warren Street is all dressed up
It’s looking mighty swell
With busy shops and visitors
Things seem to be going pretty well

The pride is back up and down the blocks
As people come and go
There are strollers and some buyers
Our town has reborn glow

It is so strange to travel
Up and down good Warren street
Now that it is flourishing cause
I recall when it looked beat

Flourishing is better
Better yes indeed
Vitality and good humor
Are exactly what we need

Here’s to you good Warren Street
To Hudson, NY town
Hats off to all the merchants
Who no longer to seem to frown

Warren Street is flourishing
The town is on the map
After visiting all the shops there are
I’m gonna take a little nap
June 25 99

Never drink the water

Never drink the water
Do not walk along the street
Microbes may be lurking
As a car sweeps you off our feet

Try not to make eye contact
Nor insult no one no where
For very few people give a care

1984 has come and gone
Big brothers is here to stay
Just keep your hands right by your sides
And “mum’s” the word I say