New York Weather

On Wednesday we watched for the storm
The sky was dark, much darker than the norm
But it just hung there for ever so long
We wondered my goodness what has gone wrong

Then suddenly, in the flash of an eye
A loud clash of thunder way up in the sky
And the clouds opened up and poured themselves out
And each and every rain gutter began to spout

So just when we were ready for a rainy day
The rain drops – stopped – and just went away
The sky was still gray – no sun did appear
No rain came either you see that clear

New York weather leaves us guessing most days
Either we are blinded by sun or blinded by haze
It either is raining or it’s so hot we scream
That’s what makes New York every American’s dream.


Yesterday It Sure Was Hot

Yesterday it sure was hot
And hotter still today
The rest of the week to be the same
What happened to the breeze of May?

What is it about the weather
That makes us crazy folk?
Too hot—too cold—too something else
About the weather we joke and joke

If you like it – ok
Or even if you do not
We’ll talk about it, yes we will
Weather it be cold or hot

A New Dawn Poem

The twilight sky was denim
Shrimp pink shirts upon the clouds
The Catskills rise in dusky violet
These sights make me so proud

Proud that I live here
Here in this great place
Where foals romp in the pastures
Fields flood with Queen Anne’s Lace

The only thing as sweet
As twilight in my town
Is when dawn rollicks in
Dressed in her fire red gown

The canines bark “Good Morning”
The felines straggle home
A robin and a chickadee
Carole out a new dawn poem

My spirit whispers to me
Tells me “This is the best”
And I agree with all my heart
Little else can meet this test.

They stopped at my house

They stopped at my house
It was Saturday afternoon
Never saw them before
Hope to see them again soon

They liked where they were
Liked the house living and poetry too
They make me feel clever and oh so good
The smile on their faces easily understood

So whoever you were whoever you are
Stop by again in your clean white cars
It is nice to see you I say I felt well
It is nice to see folks who visit a spell

It is my hope you liked my house
Please let me know who you are
I took not your name for your card
But please, come back to visit in your car


Enough Already
What is going on?
45 minutes
for a 5 minute ride
I wish I hadn’t gone
The heat pierced my windshield
The rays fried me to a crisp
It needed a little mist
Some rules I learned that day
While driving in the brazen heat
Carry along a water bottle
Slip the shoe right off your feet
Clear every thought away
Then bury every worry
Drift along with the crowd
Cause there’s no way one can hurry!

A waitress went berserk

As I was dining out
Down at my favorite place
A waitress went berserk
Shouted in my companions face

She was really quite absurd
As her hate hung from her lips
She embarrassed all so much
It affected all the tips

There was no call to be so rude
No call for this at all
She was not even our waitress
She just came off the wall

Perhaps I’m not with it
Was raised a different way
But private feuds and public demeanor
Must never clash on any given day

The customer is always right
Supreme they rule the world
And out of sight behind closed doors
Is where anger can be unfurled

I hope that this waitress
Does not wait on me
For I will be forced to insist
On another waitress don’t you see?

For who knows when she’ll strike
What might I do to offend
Then in my face she’ll shout
And I’ll be forced to offend

The sirens go off

The sirens go off
The ambulance goes by
Then a fire truck follows
And a police car flies

The other drivers
Here on my street
Pull over so quick
To the side of the street

We ladies here
Who see them go by
Always wonder
Did all really try

To avoid an accident
A car or deer
What causes these incidents
It is not quiet clear

The worst thing of course
By the very next day
We forgot to look in papers
To see what they say

Then about 4 or 5 or 6
That very day
We hear them again
Howling at bay

Where do they go
What do they do
If someone knows something
I’d like to share it with you