A waitress went berserk

As I was dining out
Down at my favorite place
A waitress went berserk
Shouted in my companions face

She was really quite absurd
As her hate hung from her lips
She embarrassed all so much
It affected all the tips

There was no call to be so rude
No call for this at all
She was not even our waitress
She just came off the wall

Perhaps I’m not with it
Was raised a different way
But private feuds and public demeanor
Must never clash on any given day

The customer is always right
Supreme they rule the world
And out of sight behind closed doors
Is where anger can be unfurled

I hope that this waitress
Does not wait on me
For I will be forced to insist
On another waitress don’t you see?

For who knows when she’ll strike
What might I do to offend
Then in my face she’ll shout
And I’ll be forced to offend


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