Now just wait a minute

Now just wait a minute

I have been


You remember – “Don’t you?”

So give me no more grief

No heat not more sun

Come on weather

Lets have one, just one cool one

Ain’t asking much

But might ask for more

Quick cool me off

‘Fore I collapse on the floor



At last, Wednesday Came On The Scene

At last, Wednesday came on the scene

The weather is lousy but not quite so mean

As you may have guesses about heat I’m just not keen

Didn’t like it even when I was a teen

What will Thursday produce- weather wise – I ask

I hope it is most delightful and needn’t be taken to task

In fact if it were just right we could use the sun and bask

But if it’s too hot again?

Stay inside and fax


Thank Heavens for Little Squirrels

(Editor’s note:  This would have been one of Mom’s last poems.  She past away in early August of 2002.-John M.)

Thank heavens
For little squirrels
For little squirrels
Who grow up as they do

Thank heavens
For little squirrels
Who find your house
And then they chew and chew

Thank heavens
For all of them
They trim your shingles
Then they get rid of them

Thanks heavens
For little squirrels
For little squirrels
Who grow up in the quaintest ways

Sometimes they are just darling
While other times they
Make the best of us
Run out snarling

Thank heavens
For little squirrels

What we do now?

Okay you tell me
What we do now?
We have gas generators and jugs and jugs of water
Too much dried food and dried milk (from a cow?)

There are flashlights
Everywhere I look
Manual can openers
And piles of survival books

I’ve put away batteries
Until I am rather ill
When next I need them
Who will find them? I know I never will

And extra cash?
We were told to keep some on hand
Well if I had some
Wouldn’t it be grand

Then now I could pay
The electric and water charge
In person – and on foot
With bills much too large

Ah—well—at last it is over
2000 came in like a lamb
no dire predictions came true
so the good guys got the last laugh, Sam