Let The Water Run

Let the water run

Wrap up the hound

Put in the food

Add an extra pound

The millennium blew it

That was all for naught

Now—here is winter

We can use all that we bought

Get out those

Long underwear clothes

Button up your coat

Cover up your nose

I’ll be so glad

When spring again appears

When we can put away

All our heavy winter gear



I Wonder If there Could Be A Way To Bottle Up These Beautiful Days

I wonder if there could be a way

To bottle up these beautiful days?

To keep them for when we need them

Do you understand what I say?

Right about the middle

Of  November of ever quicker

We might feel chilled or get some snow

And that won’t, for sure make me snicker

I would open the magic bottle

And let some good days out awhile

Some days with sun and warmth and blossoms

That is surely more my style

Today was nearly perfect

I could feel it fine and good

The sun, the temperature ,the people

Doing everything they could

Quick before it’s gone

We clean our houses, rake the yard

For if we wait until it storms

It will just be too damn hard


At Last

At last, Wednesday came on the scene

The weather is lousy but not quite so mean

As you may have guesses about heat I’m just not keen

Didn’t like it even when I was a teen

What will Thursday produce- weather wise – I ask

I hope it is most delightful and needn’t be taken to task

In fact if it were just right we could use the sun and bask

But if it’s too hot again?

Stay inside and fax


When The Sun Was Out We Thought It Swell

We wondered a lot

And we thought a bit as well

When the sun was out

We thought it swell

But then the clouds

Obscured the air

We complained to each other

“This just ain’t fair”

Before we knew

What was going on

The sun came back

The rain was gone

How can one prepare

One’s day’s attire

Might just as well

Go take a flyer

Perhaps the best idea

Of any there is

Is just to dress minimally

And ignore every quiz

So if people ask

What’s going on

Just smile and fade away

Then you’ll be gone

Little stars and moon beams

Once upon a time

In a galaxy far away

Little stars and moon beams

Ran in the sky to play

They yelled and called each name

As they sped across the sky

Mort and Gloria, Abe and Ruth

Were joined by Mordachai

And when the game was over

And they rested in the sun

All soon went home for supper

They went home one by one