We feed the birds

We feed the birds

And the birds feed us

We scurry around

We create a fuss


We throw out the seeds

The nuts and the corn

Then crank up the oven

On thanksgiving morn


First we feed the birds

As they stop by

Then roast up the turkey

To devour at five


Isn’t it funny

How it all comes around

We feed the birds

As the turkey browns?



Hudson, listen up, please!


Hudson, listen up, please!

There is a place in town

That is just

The bees knees!


Last week was a week

That makes me shout

I turned 55 – people

Found me out!


And mean as I am

Rotten as I can be

Friend after friend

Came by and hugged me.


My business associate

Stubborn as he can be

Started it off

With a surprise party for me.


And after this fun

At Colosseo’s was

Over and Done

I found that the fun had

Only just begun.


‘Cause a birthday call

From a friend from afar

Sang o’er Ma Bell

Just like a movie star.


Then I had to close my office

For a 10-minute span

‘Cause someone brought me goodies

To feed me by hand.


Then back to work

For a bit of a day

And off to a board meeting

But – there is more to this day


‘Cause the board

Knew my house is devoid of food

So they brought me a birthday

Dinner that was

Ever so good.


But wait, wait

It wasn’t done yet

To the TSL WareHouse we went

To hear Vikki True

Time – well spent.


It was so delightful

And such a great space

I called another friend

To come share this place.


So finally at last

On Saturday night – so nice

Back to the WareHouse

This week – I was there twice.


So listen up Hudson,

Hear me well

Read my lips

As they loudly spell.


Thank you all

Good friends and true

You gave me a week

That wouldn’t leave me blue.


Listen up, listen up

This town is full of good

It treats us right

As well it should.


Isn’t it kinda funny?

Isn’t it kinda funny

When what you really want to say

Just won’t come out quite right

Sometimes won’t come out any way

Isn’t it kinda funny?

When you are weather is your cue

How much, how long, how often

Talk about the weather is what we do

Isn’t it kinda funny?

When you say “ the weather is good”

That what you are actually thinking

Is that your life is out of the woods

Isn’t it kinda funny?

When you hate the weather much

That what you really are resenting

Is those things that are our touch

Isn’t it kinda funny?

When all is well you hear

That you are happy just to join some friends

And have, yes one more beer

The Streets of Hudson

The streets of Hudson

Have made me smile

Often I say but now they beguile

The windows are superlative

The decoration give cheer

Holy Moly I’m glad

I’m living here

To everyone who has worked

Extra hard and all that

Hurray and hurrah

And a tip of my hat

Fifth avenue In the city

Has nothing on us

And we don’t have to travel

Or create any fuss

We can stroll down our street

Take our time on us

And we don’t have to travel

Or create any fuss

We can stroll down our street

Take our time as we look

No one to push up

No crowds giving shooks

We can return

Every day if we like

On our feet or in cars

I suppose even a bike

Thank you Warren Street

For looking so fine

And thank you merchants

Now it’s time for some wine

Enjoy your holiday

Everyone says the same

But this year I will

That’s the name of my game