Hudson, listen up, please!


Hudson, listen up, please!

There is a place in town

That is just

The bees knees!


Last week was a week

That makes me shout

I turned 55 – people

Found me out!


And mean as I am

Rotten as I can be

Friend after friend

Came by and hugged me.


My business associate

Stubborn as he can be

Started it off

With a surprise party for me.


And after this fun

At Colosseo’s was

Over and Done

I found that the fun had

Only just begun.


‘Cause a birthday call

From a friend from afar

Sang o’er Ma Bell

Just like a movie star.


Then I had to close my office

For a 10-minute span

‘Cause someone brought me goodies

To feed me by hand.


Then back to work

For a bit of a day

And off to a board meeting

But – there is more to this day


‘Cause the board

Knew my house is devoid of food

So they brought me a birthday

Dinner that was

Ever so good.


But wait, wait

It wasn’t done yet

To the TSL WareHouse we went

To hear Vikki True

Time – well spent.


It was so delightful

And such a great space

I called another friend

To come share this place.


So finally at last

On Saturday night – so nice

Back to the WareHouse

This week – I was there twice.


So listen up Hudson,

Hear me well

Read my lips

As they loudly spell.


Thank you all

Good friends and true

You gave me a week

That wouldn’t leave me blue.


Listen up, listen up

This town is full of good

It treats us right

As well it should.



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