The Holidays Approach Us

The holidays approach us

You know that they do.

And I am ashamed!

Why?  Let me tell you.

On our wonderful streets

In downtown Hudson’s heart,

There are two big buildings

That really set us apart.

They stare at us daily

Like a pair of dead glass eyes.

And I’m tired of seeing them

Sitting there, just waiting to die.

It makes me feel so sad

And melancholy as well.

Why haven’t our promoters

Been able yet to sell . . .

These two abandoned structures

Which with some TLC

Can be our center diamonds

For the future – I am sure

That this you see.

We can paint up our faces

And congratulate ourselves

Till we are blue.

But until the st. Charles and Marshes revive,

They o’er shadow all that we do.

Doesn’t anyone care

Has no one the vision

To search out the buyers

Can Hudson make this a mission?

If I were a visitor

To our fair and friendly town,

I’d smile ‘till I saw them

And then I’d surely frown.

“Whoops!”  is the word

I’d say right out loud.

“This town is full of baloney

How can they walk so proud?”

This historic town

Has so much to giv.

But how can one see it

While these two “ghost shops” live

But maybe our forest

Is so think with the trees

That we’re unable to focus

On these – our master keys.

Let’s open this door

Put “A” before “B”

Get those who know how

Abroad in that sea,

A’searching for whalers

For those who wish to become

A part our treasure

Instead of landlords who slum.

For the holidays are coming

You know that they are.

Can’t all of us together

Make our two ghosts – our holiday stars?

Published in the Register-Star 12/6/1993


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