Is It Any Wonder?

Is it any wonder
Does it come as a surprise?
That our youngsters misbehave
Right before our eyes?

We see our elected officials
Turn ead day
A deaf ear
They shut us out completely and then
They kick us in the rear.

From the Feds on down
Disrespect is the cue
With such fine examples
What can we expect our kids to do?

Our papers are filled
With more morose events
Kids are hurting kids
Where our tax dollars get spent.

Officials are lying – countrywide
Is it so while those who are running
Holler, holler then blow

Is it any wonder
Doest it come as surprise?
That our youngsters misbehave
Right before our very eyes?

Does anyone remember Don Rickles?
His time is really now –
He got “no respect”
We surely understand and how!!!

Our lawyers chase cases
Our doctors beg to cut
There are teachers smoking joints
And tv is spouting smut

Drugs are running rampant
While police abuse many folks
Robbery is how to make it
And harassment becomes a joke

Some firemen set some fires
While preachers spout platitudes once more
Tax dollars keep drying up
So libraries must close their doors.

Is it any wonder
Does it come as a surprise?
That our youngsters misbehave right before our eyes?

February 1996


What a Month

What a month
2000 January has been
Sopranos win awards
You betcha – They’re all men.

Grandmas stage a protest
See snow for the first time
Then hurry home to Cuba
For margaritas and a lime.

Winter landed with a vengeance
Where winters never went
So Alabama and her neighbors
Have frustrations they wish to vent.

Two fine teams, no one much were talking of
Made it to the Super Bowl
A lot of stressed spandex
As they fought for their goal.

This first month of the millenium
Now is at last over and done
Maybe we will get one fine day
Before groundhog has his fun.

My House Has Made Myself Insane

My house has made myself insane
Myself said, “Please, don’t let it rain.”
But rain it did — the house did leak
The boards and things sure did squeak.

The rain seeped down before it was fixed
The ceiling fell down — had I been jinxed?
I cleaned up the mess, then I left the room
Wy ask for trouble? I threw away the broom.

And guess what
It rained today
Oh rats, oh darn
What can I say?


The Story of My Birth As Revealed by Connie Coddington

For seventeen years my parents were childless
No little feet pitter-patted their floor
But then once, while seeing
“Gone with the Wind”
My Mom grew uncomfortable, for sure.

They lived 40 miles from the movies
You must understand this important fact
And this was a rare treat
For those who lived out in the back.

So when my Mom grew decidedly ill
My Dad rushed her to the doc
“Appendicitis” claimed he, “hurry to the hospital, please”
So off they careened as fast as they could rock.

And as Daddy waited
Pacing restlessly, worrying about her
The Doc yelled to him, “Sorry, Jim,
No appendicitis–it’s a baby–
this time I am really sure.”

After the birthing was over
And Mom and I lay serene
My Dad sped thru the hallways
He was flying, I mean.

“Where is that so and so
“who made such a stupid mistake!
“Thinking our baby was appendicitis!
“I gotta kill him, for goodness sake!”

All this happened in Colorado
Out where the West begun
My Daddy took with him his six-shooter
My Dad took his gun.

He did not find the Doc
And he settled down after a while
At least, this is the story told
’cause, this was my Dad’s style.

It Pays To Be Honest With Your Agent, Sir

Here is a story

I heard tell at work

Sometimes people take us

For real down home jerks.

“No, no accidents for me”

Said one customer today

As I looked at his history

I said, “No way!”

“Just once I backed up,

Hit someone on the street.”

“Uh huh,” I replied

As he stared at his feet.

“And once upon a time

I crashed into the garage door

“Oh, my!” I replied

As I waited for more.

“But, accidents, no,

Can’t say that I have any”

I groaned to myself,

“What had those 2 been, you ninny”

“And these tickets, here on the motor vehicle report?”

I showed the record, and

Waited for the retort.

“Well, good gracious alive!”

“Is that when they occurred?”

I stare at him now

Can he be this absurd?

“It pays to be honest

With your agent, sir.

For the records are here,

Of that you can be sure.”

“Well, all these things

That are in black & white here

Were caused by the other driver

Let me tell you dear.”

4/21/98 Continue reading