This is it, Kid

We’ve tried once before
Remember, if you will
Mother Nature screwed us
Made the damn party “nil.”

But do we give up?
The seasons?
No way!!!!!
If there is a reason
You know we will play

We asked for a limo
Did we get it?
You’ll know
If yes, we will cheer
If not,
Well—that’s how it goes

So Marion, our darling,
Marion, our sweet
We are here to celebrate
In spite of the heat!

Marvelous, Marion
We love you
You know we do
Marvelous Marion
We’ll e’er
Be true!

We’ve been to the beach
We’ve been to the shore
We’ve shown up at convention
So much more

We’ve tempted our mettle
My God, how we’ve strived
And yes, the four seasons
Even let “me” drive

Merry Marion,
Do you D.C recall?
When I drove in the rain—
Was that
Or Fall?


Rings at Conventions?

Myrtle Beach?
Do you remember this?
We asked about the flowers
The natives wrote us off with a kiss!

Remember our train rides?
I recall at least two
To Syracuse
To Montreal
And the QEII

Maid Marion
I must confess
When we all went to conventions
Thanks to you
We were exquisitely dressed!

Back to Myrtle
Our crowning glory to tell
When Merry Marion climbed int that well –
We knew that our treasurers
Were safe from Hell!

The story of the well
Could take all night to tell
Suffice it to say
Marion did it swell

+ + +

There are people
Who help one grow
And there are others
One wants not to know

And lordy, lordy
Lizzie Jane
One New Year’s Eve
Seasons feel no pain

Who are the season?
If you know not yet
Then forget it you folks
For it is we four, you bet!

There is Marilyn
Our summermost gal
And Betty Rose
Who is spring’s eternal pal
And I – myself am fall you see
While Marion, our buddy is winter,

+ + +

A mentor, a buddy, a true friend
When I was just learning
As green as they come
Who befriended me
And helped me so I would not become glum?

Why – you all must know
At least suspect
‘Tis Marion Dodge
Whom you know I respect!

So – hear, hear
Let us give three cheers
Before we go on and order more beer!

Let us end the harangue
And get on with the fun
As soon as we’re out of here
Then our party will have begun!!
A weekend of seasons
Ha Ha and Ho
More fun than anyone will ever know.



Moms, you gotta move out
You gotta serve
Get on that board
Utilize some nerves

You are the backbone
You are the nerves
You are the spice in life’s menu – You serve

I learned to make change at my mother’s knee
And how to sell curios
Set me free

I learned to read before I could walk
Never was a time I knew not how to talk

In a one-room school
With a wood stove yet
I could divide and do fractions
And I ain’t forgot yet

English took longer
It was so absurd
But learn it I did
And a new school was an idea unheard

Would we have wars
If women ruled?
Would there be less greed
Any act less cruel?

Oh, yes, I have no doubt
A gentle world
Is what t’would be about

Have we all not learned
In a place less than great?
Did it take a “new school”
To learn to love not hate

Huh uh
No way
Say I
Wake up Hudson
Or we’ll strangle
And die.