Never Make A Curmudgeon Mad

I am a curmudgeon
And I am mad

I never went to a brand new school
And I hope
I am nobody’s fool

Oh yes, I must agree
I did marry
Before I set myself free

But personal errors
We all must survive
Yet public mistakes
Do not keep us alive

We are two generations out of old schools
Yet the intelligence I find in my children
Breaks all your damn rules

Grandma and Grandpa worked hard
All their lives
Yet, when we came home
One was there to help us survive

There was no need for each and everyone
To work till dark and u get up with the sun
To pay the school tax
To build a new school
We socialized with teachers
and ignored all “your” rules

We were taught at home
And taught in school
We learned from hard work
And revered some rules

Honesty – not greed
Is our rallying cry
And no matter what you say
We still get up each day and try


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