Stop The Complacency Quick

Are you happy?
Become content?
Energies tired?
Tirades spent?

Do not relax now
Something must excite
I wish I knew somehow

We are in such danger
You, her and me
How to awaken you
Make you see?

On silken cat feet
It can sneak right in
The complacency
The smugness
The knowing grin

We must vote each and
Every time
Focus our tension
Beat out the slime

Never give in or lessen
Our goal
Make all out there
Feel & hear our soul

We are all human beings together
Do not fragment
Except with one another
Do not lose sight
Of the gains of
Your mother

She has fought long
and She has fought hard
Held up her wisdom
And mightily sparred

Give these gains a chance
To gain hold
Be strong, be wise, be militant,
Be bold

Let not a day go by
Unheralded, unsung
Choose carefully – those
Whom you walk among.


There Are Times You Wonder

There are times you wonder
If you’ll make it through the night
Then something wonderful happens
And you shout
“Oh —- Yes —- I just might!”
So you wake up with a start
Your are so damn alert
And you have quite forgotten
To wonder why you hurt.
You let out all the controls
And you vent all the pain
And you get a stirrup up
And you’re ready to begin again.
You summon all your courage
And you corner all your strengths
And you let out your frustrations
And work to the utmost lengths.
And you say, “By God, we’ve done it
We’ll do it some times more”
And you smile and settle to it
As you saunter through that door.