I Got A Super Present

I got a super present

A gift and a laugh

I want to tell everyone

My gift was a giraffe

Where will I put one?

My ceilings are not too tall

But, maybe, I can have one

Since it is very small.

But what will I feed it?

I never cook a bite.

My stove holds flowers and candles

They look so good at night.

My tables have no room

To set for dining there

They are filled with books and writing stuff


There is one spare bedroom

I save it for my son

Maybe he will share with a giraffe

I mean–it is only one.

But when I go out somewhere

Where will the giraffe ride?

Golly, I might have to get a trailer

For a giraffe to ride inside.

I got a super present

A gift and a laugh

I guess if I think hard enough

I’ll find a place for my giraffe.


AH — The English Language

AH — the English language
What a marvelous invention
One can allude to goodly deeds
Without harboring any good intentions
Why, One can speak in golden tones
Brag about the good they’ll do
It is only words, you know
There is no follow through.
It’s all in how one turns a phrase
The banker mouths such niceties
But the loan, will he renew it?
The little white lies that each of us use
We say “to keep the peace”
Hang onto your wallets, guys and gals
Dulcet tones precede a fleece.
The Liars Club needs no member drive
They can fill their roster easy
Just listen to the blokes down in D.C.
Why, every one of them is cheesy.
Prevarication is a special art
I wonder, is it taught in political school?
There may be no formal class
But our reps steer wide of the truth
This seems to be THEIR GOLDEN RULE.

January 1999

I Just Go Nuts at New Years

I just go nuts at New Years
It makes me feel so fine
Another 365
Of working 5 till 9

OOPS! Poetic license
It’s 9-6 I work
Unless I’m late or early
Which is sort of a little quick

Another whole new year
To use as I see fit
To enjoy my house, my work, my friends
To read the latest hit.

I make no resolutions
Not a part of my flair
I anticipate, sublimate, postulate
Over things about which I care.

It’s been eons since I saw midnight
Whew! Way too late for me
I just move ahead my mental clock
It can be NEW YEAR at any time for me.

So Happy New Year to you
Cheers, good wishes and all that
Enjoy every moment you can get
Keep out the welcome mat.

January 1999.