Listen To Your Own Heart

Listen to your own heart

The voting public has never been blind

And the people in power best look behind.

Behind to a time when “people”

Meant strength

Back to a time when friends went to great length

To help one another as the need arose

Back to a time when we could share labor and share meals

Even our clothes.

The “Christian Right”

Supercilious nuts

Are crusin’ on

Down to fall on their butts

This has been a time

Of the most ridiculous days

O.J. went free

But the lawyers got paid

(October 1995)


Atlas Shrugged

“Atlas shrugged”

He’s shrugging again

Our government is losing

Our thinking women and men.

So who will be left to “lead” our progress?

Pouty little boys?

Making a hell of a mess?

This is pretty revolting

The whole political scene

Perhaps the real people should revolt

Become visible and verbal

And back on the scene.


Don’t be mislead

He’s not for his people

He simply wants “whitey” dead.

Between the “March”

& “Newt & Clinton”

Dancing a quadrille

The next generation will swallow a bitter pill.

There is no one party

More to blame than the next

Each one has crossed lines

To become mutually hexed

The time for change is now

Cant keep speeding to greed

Not when more & more citizens are in desperate need.

Am I a liberal?

God only knows

Am I a conservative

Depends on how it goes.

(October 1995)

Who Luvs Ya Baby?

What a surprise

They may found out in time

They were a “n o n e s s e n t i a l” burden

And the people discovered their crime.

After all, business is downsizing by need

Middle management is going

Yet business hasn’t gone to seed.

November 21, 1996

Life is a Zoo

Life is a zoo

And by what other name

Could legislators be known?

But middlemen – con artists

Barnum and Bailey clones

Patience has abandoned

This voter’s mein

There is not one official

About whom I am

Truly keen

Leave our money in the coffers

Run home to your digs

Try being nice for a change

Instead of congressional pigs

(November 21, 1996)

Peace Finding Corps?

In Bosnia,

Still Hitler reigns

As our “Peace Honchos”

Try to strain their brains.

There are women & children

Being abused at will

And folks who are repeatedly

Treated with disgust and scorn

Even still.

We know seniors

Who can stretch

Their checks

Over only 3 weeks each month


What the heck.

And women & men

Losing their jobs

As U.S. businesses move


In heaps and gobs.

Cut welfare?

Sure, why not

Just ’cause people

Are laid off

Wanna work –

But no jobs

Our politicos turn their backs

And scoff.