Atlas Shrugged

“Atlas shrugged”

He’s shrugging again

Our government is losing

Our thinking women and men.

So who will be left to “lead” our progress?

Pouty little boys?

Making a hell of a mess?

This is pretty revolting

The whole political scene

Perhaps the real people should revolt

Become visible and verbal

And back on the scene.


Don’t be mislead

He’s not for his people

He simply wants “whitey” dead.

Between the “March”

& “Newt & Clinton”

Dancing a quadrille

The next generation will swallow a bitter pill.

There is no one party

More to blame than the next

Each one has crossed lines

To become mutually hexed

The time for change is now

Cant keep speeding to greed

Not when more & more citizens are in desperate need.

Am I a liberal?

God only knows

Am I a conservative

Depends on how it goes.

(October 1995)


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