Tongue in Cheek

Tongue in cheek
Foot in mouth
Winter’s chill
Birds fly south.

Stick in the mud
We stay up here
Old fuddy duds
We freeze our rears.


Sodom and Gomorra

I have been unable
To create a rhyme for you
About Sodom and Gomorra
And Hillary Rodham, you know who

But the words do drift together
As if they’re meant to be
When Rodham lived in Sodom
And Gomorra she could see.

But I won’t babble on
Using words that do not mesh so swell
I’ll leave you with this
And go on rhyming
Using words I use well.

February 1999

Never Been A Talent Scout

Never been a talent scout
Often know not what I see
Yet, like art (ya know what I mean)
I know what pleases me.

When one has a friend
One may become blind
But I’ll go out on a limb
And be brutal and kind

Wendy, don’t sing whinin’ songs
Make me “bawl” in my beer
Get down and dirty-
Cuss out loud and clear

When a girl’s been done wrong
Put up with no shit
Smile as if you never frown
Then relish your last hit.
Don’t sing romance
Or pathetic little pathos

Listen to K.D. and Tammy
Loretta, Dolly & Judd
Put your foot on his face
Stick his head down in the mud

You are perfect for country
Got the looks, the style, the voice
Careful girl, careful.
Make your songs the right choice.

Thank you, Kozel’s

To Kozel’s

Thank you for providing

us with a most unusual nite

We came for dinner and stayed – much to our delight.

Such a nice community gesture

For a friend of ours

Who knows what will happen

Maybe she’ll be a star.

Our ears are recovering

Our bottom sides too

And we’ll be back again

When other great things you do.


Kareoke isn’t my first music choice

Never go to hear it much

It is a participant sport

And I just ain’t got the touch.

But on Saturday night

We seniors make the scene

All girdled and gussied

Ready to get down dirty and mean.

It was a hoot

And a holler too

Some of the “kareokers”

Could make a hyena blue.

Yet rewarded we were

As our friend began to sing

Her deep country voice

Had that “Tammy Wynette” ring.

Now she’s off to Nashville

We wish “Wendy” the best

In her hat, her Johnny Cash

Black shirt, Levis, Her leather vest.

So Lawrence Welk and Perry Como

Step Back

We are ready for country

Ya got that right, Jack!