Response to a FROG story I read lately

What if the Princess had said
“I think not
Already I do all the work
And what in the heck have I got?”

“No, I think not”
The Princess demurred
“Instead, I’ll get my degree”
She made sure ole Princey heard.

“Why, with my degree
I’ll be able to decree
Exactly the punishment
For the sexists, you see.”

Then an idea,
Decidedly bright
Hit the Princess on the head
She acted upon it that very night.

She called up her buddy
Sweet Rapunzel with the hair
Even called Sleeping Beauty
Who was off sleeping somewhere.

“Ladies, ladies,
Listen up, if you please
The time is right now for us
The wonderful power to seize”

The girls grew excited
Could hardly wait to begin
They took out their skillets
Set them to SIZZLING

“Bring on the frogs
Bring them here somehow
Frog legs are delicious
Let’s fry some now.”

So before the could become Princes
Those froggies were devoured quick
Just because a Princess said,
“Not – Never -No way”
Is what I think.


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