Yes, I heard the rumor
The autumn solstice passed
It stayed but one sort day
How long should it last?

But autumn still is on the premises
Golden, red and smelling good
Leaves are smothering my lawn
But this is understood.

The days grow ever shorter
It is dark when I arise
And if it’s still light at 5 p.m.
Imagine my surprise.

True, I love this season
The crisp winds disturb my hair
I mind not and that’s the truth
I respect the chilling air.

I’ve not turned on the furnace
But my long underwear is near
And I’m wearing closed-toed shoes
I hope you are too, my dear.

For it won’t be but a moment
Till winter comes drifting down
And we’ll need the heat & woolies
And our flannel granny gowns>

October 1999


Oh Say, Did You Hear?

Oh say, did you hear
Reverend Falwell drank a beer
Then he had a couple more
Till he was prone on the floor
But lo and behold!
A vision did appear
Gave him a cheer>
Reverend Falwell
Become dismayed
What sort of games
Would this lad play?
Next he did the most strange deed
Whipped out his missal
Began to read
Have no place here
Instill in your children
The utmost fear.
For that purple one
You know is gay
And the green one?
Really, who can say?
Finally, yellow LA LA
Oh save me, PLEASE”
The good ole Rev
Fell to his knees.
Now we all know
Tis a well-known fact
Teletubbies are just what they seem
In a little child’s eye
They put a gleam.
Can you the say the same
With your ranting and raving
What is it you lack?
What are you craving?

March 1999

The Sun Is Up

The sun is up
My teeth are out
Glasses off
Time to shout
Home again, home again
Out of the cold
No more product
Must be sold
Office is closed
One extra day
I can relax
And have my way
So I will write
And think and muse
Will shuffle about
In my comfortable shoes
Just hang around
In dungarees
Slippers on feet
Myself to please
Moon went down
Teeth still out
Glasses off

February 1999