Yes, I heard the rumor
The autumn solstice passed
It stayed but one sort day
How long should it last?

But autumn still is on the premises
Golden, red and smelling good
Leaves are smothering my lawn
But this is understood.

The days grow ever shorter
It is dark when I arise
And if it’s still light at 5 p.m.
Imagine my surprise.

True, I love this season
The crisp winds disturb my hair
I mind not and that’s the truth
I respect the chilling air.

I’ve not turned on the furnace
But my long underwear is near
And I’m wearing closed-toed shoes
I hope you are too, my dear.

For it won’t be but a moment
Till winter comes drifting down
And we’ll need the heat & woolies
And our flannel granny gowns>

October 1999


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