Wanted to Get My Friend Upon the Telephone

Wanted to get my friend
Upon the telephone
So I picked up the receiver
Waited for a clear dial tone.

It rang nicely once, then it rang again
It rang one time more
Began to worry about my friend
Was she hurt upon the floor?

I hung it up – my telephone
I waited just a bit
Then I attempted one more time
Hoping she would answer it.

Now, this time, girlfriend, I simply let it ring
I mean right off the wall
There’d be no more hanging up
Till someone picked up my call.

As I waited eagerly
My own answer machine took a call
Instead of dialing my dear friend?
I gave myself a call, ya all.

Un huh–I’d dialed myself
Our numbers are near the same
So when at last, I reached my friend
I admitted to one all
I was a totally crazy dame.




Orwell was a bit
ahead of himself
It will be the year 2000
not 1984
When the world is put on the

Then over the nations
a silence will descent
As computers sign off
& users get the deep-knee

I guess few programmers
Thought they’d live this long
As they programmed away
Humming their computer

So the ultimate year
for which most programs are
Is the year 1999
‘Tis the year they all fear.

So, what will happen
On this New Year’s
As we dine and dance
What do YOU believe?

Did Santa’s elves
Figure this out?
Did they leave miracles
When they were about?

Or on New Year’s Day
will the world be found
Adding & subtracting
With a nice quiet

Will the world ounce
be populated with those
who can still handwrite
a letter
And some purple

Will we return to the days
When we did sums in our heads
And our friends were alive
Face to Face
One on one
INSTEAD . . . .
of cyberspace midgets
and computer clones?
HURRAY! at last
maybe then we will get a
on the phone.


I Am Really Sick

I am really sick
of that guy named Sadam
His belligerent arrogance
Is gonna get him in a jam.
OH SURE! He kicked out
The “observers” who traced his

But just for a week or so
So he could obscure their
Observations back
DID they get too close, SADAM?
Were they locating your deadly

So “OUT” they go
and “IN” you come
Securing your bombs
The world to smash!

Where are our heroes”
Our brave heroes, tried &
Who can read between the
lines and disclose what you
mean to do?

I’m getting FAIRLY restless
As our planes keep watch on high
For you, Sadam are
as you prepare for someone
to die.

deliberate with the best
But you’ll go to far one day
As you put the world to one
more TEST

Get a life, Sadam
stop & smell the
Put away your power
hunger and
contemplate peace for

Add another hour
A decade or 2 or 3
Your country could
recover and
All people could be


Small Treasures are Pleasures

It isn’t very difficult
Believe me, it is not
To please me a little
And to thrill me a real whole lot

For example, let me tell you
What has made me smile so much
It is a pretty little bookmark
Pressed flowers in a bunch.

Now I read mysteries
From morning until dusk
Some are clever, some are fun
Some leave me shivering
In my husk.

But my lovely bookmark
Keeps me smilin’
Yes, it does
And I tell, cause I like you
I tell you just because . . . .

And for my ANNE RICE books
My daughter presented to me
With a silver etched bookmark
That simply fills me with
Glorious, outrageous glee.

So as I said before
I will say once again
It takes but a little
To keep my soul in grins.

March 1997