Wanted to Get My Friend Upon the Telephone

Wanted to get my friend
Upon the telephone
So I picked up the receiver
Waited for a clear dial tone.

It rang nicely once, then it rang again
It rang one time more
Began to worry about my friend
Was she hurt upon the floor?

I hung it up – my telephone
I waited just a bit
Then I attempted one more time
Hoping she would answer it.

Now, this time, girlfriend, I simply let it ring
I mean right off the wall
There’d be no more hanging up
Till someone picked up my call.

As I waited eagerly
My own answer machine took a call
Instead of dialing my dear friend?
I gave myself a call, ya all.

Un huh–I’d dialed myself
Our numbers are near the same
So when at last, I reached my friend
I admitted to one all
I was a totally crazy dame.



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