Time To Take The Shovel

Time to take the shovel
Time to take the hoe
Time to scatter seeds about
To make your garden grow

I am not a gardener
Know naught about the soil
But as a keen observer
I enjoy other’s toil

So, gardeners get a move on
Get gardening soon, if you please
So I can see your lovely flowers
And enjoy the shade of your trees.


What Good Is the “Z”?

What good is the Z?
I mean – at least with the X
One can throw a hex
But what in the world do
You do with “Z”?

Was Z an afterthought
By the alphabet maker?
It comes right at the end
Not a mover or shaker.

Look! Even the Q
Is a buddy to U
And the R
For a growl is important too.

But what in the heck
Should I do with  Z
Here is one letter
That mystifies me.

I can handle the W
The E is a must
Now and then F
Creates a bit of a fuss.

I quite like the Y
And vital is the S
Whithout these two
We’d have no yes.

But look at that Z
Lollygagging along
Zippity doo da
I don’t need it to phone.

The M and the N
Are sexist letters. I think
You can create women &
If you have the ink.

Yet, there is Z
Loafing about still
Please explain it to me
I mean, if you will
Of course, without
The A, B or C
There’d be no alphabet.
Do you agree?

And those who love
Need the D and G
So man’s best friend
Can a companion be.

Oh hell! The is H
Nearly left it out
We sure need H
So we can rave &shout.

There are letters
I am neglecting here
’cause it’s the Z that’s
the problem
I hope you here.

But, I am tired now
Of alphabet rhymes
Guess I’ll go catch some
Continue in time.

April 1999