Hillary, Hillary

Hillary, Hillary
Don’t be coy
Strut your stuff
Without Billy Boy

Will you run?
Well, why not
Oily Al Gore
Ain’t so hot.

There’ve been some names
I’ve been forced to hear
Those who might run
In an election year

Now, Elizabeth Dole
Scares me not
But some of those far-righters
Scare me a lot.

So – Hillary, girl
Why not Liz and you
A female team
For me will do.

April 1999


Trucks Roar In

Trucks roar in
Trucks roar out
Leaving our streets
Day-old sauerkraut
Without our trucks
Would shops close down
What really happens
If trucks go around?
Where are the persons
Who truly know
What actually happens
As trucks come and go?
Leave out the rhetoric
Put politics on hold
Who is completing
An analysis bold?
So, the trucks roar in
And trucks roar out
What is this fury
About their routes?

Now, Just One Darn Minute Here

Now,  just one darn minute here
Things move with lightening speed
They go along so quickly
It’s just something I don’t need.
Why, 2 friends of mine
Went to hospital the other day
Poked, prodded, procedured
‘ere we knew they’d been away.
Then? You guessed it
Home again they were sent
Hardly, barely conscious
With loads of money spent.
How come is this-I ask you
What the heck is going on
Next thing you know, before we are admitted
We’ll be out the door and gone.

High Speed AMTRAK

High speed AMTRAK
But not to Hudson
That is still SNAIL RAIL.
Why doesn’t the train
Speed to our city and back?
What is the story here
With the modern AMTRAK?
The story in Hudson is
We’re out of the loop
We get threatening factories & drug busts
We’re just cold chicken soup.
Doesn’t our Gov
Have the power to say
“Come on AMTRAK
Speed up this way?”
Oh  — never mind
Governor  Pataki
Guess Hudson has to be happy
Being NY State’s lackey.

April 1999