Some folks get nostalgic in the springtime
Some folks get nostalgic in the fall
I get nostalgic whenever I want to
Or I get nostalgic not at all.

When that phenomenon hits me
I relish it as if it were gold
Nostalgia is usually pleasant
Takes me back to days of old

It’s funny the things revealed
As my mind goes wandering back
The clothes, the cars, the people
The food I ate for a snack.

Ah yes, some folks are nostalgic
When the rain falls down in the spring
Whenever I get nostalgic
I simply want to sing.

May 1999


Crime Closer to Home

The diner across the street
Was robbed yet one more time
A policeman came to my door asking
“Lady, did you see the crime?”

I had to reply
Much to my regret
“I saw nothing, Officer
“Tell me, what did the robber get?”

He would not reveal
What treasures there were taken
All he did was leave me
A bit scared and obviously shaken.

Where oh where
Did that robber go next?
I grabbed the Ouija Board
And conjured up a hex.

“Oh, leave me alone
“Oh robber so bad
“Just get on your way
“You rotten cad.”

May 1999

Death Came Calling

It’s not just about those that were shot
That felt death on that April day
Every person in Columbine School
Was touched by the bullets spray.

The survivors will forever feel
The horror, the shock, the fear
As the Trenchcoat Mafia
Got closer. Got closer. Drew near.

These shots around the world were heard
And sadness overcame our hearts
What in the world was going on
That made our youth feel so apart?

Where did they lose their caring
How grew their souls so cold
How did the devil get into them
How was his agenda sold?

Each young person who experienced
This useless killing spree
Will relive it over and over
From it — they’ll ne’er be free.

May 1999