One of the best cons I’ve ever heard
Is legit all the way
“Send no money now”
That’s what they all say

Sure, you get these
Every day of the week
Those wonderful offers
I can barely speak.

OH! So lofty
These books they send
Till your house is all filled
And mega dollars you spend.

Spare me the culture
Save me the time
Just another darn crime.

Quick Draw is Dead!

The sightless eyes are dark
There at the edge of the room
You can feel the gloom.

They look like sentinels
Thos dark TV screens
How could the legislators
Be so darn mean.

So now, how we gonna pay
For this, this and that?
‘Cause Quck Draw done did it
OOOOH – Legislators, you dirty rats.


I don’t know where I am going
Long since forgotten where I’ve been
So obviously I must win the race
You can bet it’s a sure-fire thing.

Because whenever I get there
I’ll have beaten everyone again
’cause no one knew where I was going
And no one knew where I’ve been.