Sitting in My Hudson Kitchen

Sitting in my Hudson kitchen
Sippin’ coffee from a mug
Knowin’ I had to clean
Then shampoo that darn rug
Maybe later, I’ll get to it
Clear out all the dirt and grime
But now, I’m sippin’ coffee
So this is not the time.



Rose’s Corset Shop

There is no under-garment store
Not in our town, not anymore
I’ve searched until my eyes were sore
But there is just no such store.

Gigantic malls erupt here and there
I’m sure they sell ladies underwear
But malls are large, I feel despair
When I am in need of foundation care.

We used to have Rose’s Corset Shop
It was a discreet, quiet place to stop.
And Rose could fit you bottom or top
I recall days when to her place I’d hop.

But Rose is gone and so is her store
Rose is not here, not anymore
There’s nothing left but malls, you see
So I guess I’ll stay under-garment free.