I Wanted Not To Get Up This Morning

I wanted not to get up this morning
I wanted to snooze in my bed
I wanted to dream lovely Hudson things
Of days when there was nothing to dread.
But I had to get up this morning
I had to get out of my bed
So when I got up this morning
I wished I were in bed instead.
But wishes weren’t fishes
And morning’s not night, no matter how we pray
So here I am, up this morning
Getting ready to stay up all day.

May 1999


Early in April

Early in April
Guess what I saw
A couple I felt sorry for
’cause the weather, it was raw.

Yet here they appeared
Both lady and gent
All dressed in shorts, I tell you
The chills up my spine they sent.

She was on crutches
Luckily he was not
And in those shorts they dined
Even though ‘was not hot.

I noticed as I had to
The goose bumps on their knees
Till finally I quit looking
Before I did freeze.

May 1999