This is the poem that Mom wrote for me on the occasion of my ordination.  I love you, Mom!

June 1999 is momentous
June ’99 is fine
Someone is being ordained
He is that son of mine

Thru winters, summers
Springs and falls,
John studied away
In those hallowed halls

Now, at last, he’s on his way
Got his vestments, Bible and gear
So we’re off to NYC
You can bet we’re gonna cheer

I hope that I remember
My trusty camera to bring along
And I solemnly do promise
Tho I want to — I will not sing

But I will rejoice
’cause I am so proud
Why I might
Shout right out loud

Three cheers for God
Three cheers for John
We are so thrilled
That your schooling is done.



Only a Few Moments Left Till Christmas

Only a few moments left till
Is your shopping done & wrapped?
Did you start out with good intentions
That lasted just till your
nerves went snap?

Is it any wonder
This season seems to try us”
With stores & TV assaulting
to “BUY US!”

I think I’ll just ignore
All these blatant pleas
And stroll down to the
nearest church and
There fall down upon my

I am tired of all the worry
The hurry and the waste
When just a little
Can be the saving grace.