I Went to My Garden

I went to my garden
And what did I see
A wee little weed
Grinning up at me

Should I pluck it out
Destroy its short life
No, I think not

So, live little weed
Enjoy the sun
I see another one.


I Went Home Early

I went home early
One day last week
I wanted some quiet
That was all I did seek

Just quiet in which
To write some words
I mad sure
All around had heard

There were words
Bouncing around in my head
I needed to leave work
I’d have to leave town

I use a computer
Upon which to write
But it was not working
On this very night

So, of course, I called
The computer man
He said, “I’ll be there
as soon as I can”

But it would be tomorrow
His prognosis
Good heavens alive
I’d develop a psychosis

I sat down at the table
And with a pen
I started to write
Just where I should begin

And I wrote all the afternoon
And thru half the night
When I finally quit
I looked a sight

If, tomorrow
When I arise
I can read my words
It will be a big surprise

But I’d gone home early
And quiet I’d found
The only noise
Was my hand writing sound.

June 1999