Soccer Wins

Soccer wins
And soccer champs
Soccer moms
And soccer camps

Soccer girls play
As hard as they can
This is there came
No more “also rans”

The games were tense
And played so well
One point “O N E  P O I N T”
Lord, it was swell

Both teams played
The best I’d seen
Couldn’t drag my eyes
Away from the screen

This is the year
I’ll remember long
Our soccer girls
Could do no wrong

Out on the field
Or in the goalie’s cage
Soccer – soccer
Our #1 rage

August 1999


Tell Me, Please

Tell me, please
Where is the spout?
How do I get
The good milk out?

The cow, you see
is so big and round
Her nose is pink
Her eyes are brown

But I just can’t find
The spigot here
Not on the front
Nor in the rear

So tell me, please
Where is the spout?
That the farmer uses
To get milk out?

June 1999