I knew a girl named Dee

This poem was written by my dear friend, David Ashley, my oldest friend since childhood, and part of our Brooklyn family.  He loved my mom and she loved him.  He read this at my recent wedding to my spouse, Flatbush Gardener, as a tribute to my mother who I know was there in spirit.

Thanks Dave! We love you!

I knew a girl named Dee she was our dear Johns mother

 a special woman she with talents like no other
 when she had a thought to share and wished to make it stick
she would write a rhyme with grace sublime and meter that would click
All sorts of subject were her field- Politics Neighbors Work
She would scribble here and scribble there with her rhyming qwerk
and when she had a gem to share she sent it to the Register Star
so that friends could read her rhymes be they near or far
You would find them in the newspaper and never were they shabby
As funny as the comic strips and wiser than Dear Abby
I wish that she was here today to give her away her son
cause she was really great at parties and made us all have fun
I have  never written poetry or tried to make things rhyme
I didn’t have the talent and wouldn’t take the time
 I must have been inspired by some one in my past
to try to rhyme my sincere wishes that this partnership should last
But today John gains a second mother of whom he is very fond
I know because he told me they’ve already formed a bond
So this rhyme will end now by the schedule I am told
and I ask you to remember two mothers
one new and one old