In Hudson, the Rain Came Down

In Hudson, the rain came down
Came down in fat wet drops
It splashed and tumbled
And would not stop

My feet got soaked
My hair? A mess
The rain nearly ruined
My too long dress

Yet, even as it poured right out
I saw some flowers begin to spout
So I, of course, let out a shout
I loved that storm, without a doubt


Harris Fabrics

It sat in the middle of the block
That magical shop — all blue
As a kid, I was enchanted
With the bolts of cloth so new

I was just learning to sew
To cut, to baste, to redo
And HARRIS FABRICS had everything
Zippers, thread, and a million buttons too

There were stacks of paper patterns
“Simplicity” was my style
I labored to get good enough
To use “Vogue” and “Butterick” in a while

The store lady stocked scissors
Plain ones, big ones and pinked
Why this wonderful shop keeper
May have even had a kitchen sink

There was silk in muted shades
And satin – neon bright
The wools in tailored plaids
And the velvet to wear at night

I struggled through home ec class
Pinned, cut, stitched and ripped
At long last I had finished a jumper
I thought it was a pip

I’ve never mastered sewing
Can’t set a sleeve to this day
But I still remember that store fondly
To bad Harris Fabrics has faded away

June 1999